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Born in 1982 in Laingsburg, Michigan, Nick McPhail is an artist painter and ceramist who lives and works in Los Angeles.

Nick McPhail has always been fascinated by spaces and the way in which architecture commands and restrains movement.His first creations portray buildings and explore, in what can be illuminating and misleading, the interplay of shadows and colours. Today still, the urban environment, juxtaposed with natural features, remains his main source of inspiration. Everyday Images that he distorts and reworks until reality is no longer what we think it is. Nick McPhail's works are characterised by first coats of solid bright orange or pink that confer exceptional luminosity to the canvases - a Renaissance technique he is particularly fond of and has made his own -, overlapping textures, compression of space, warped perception between foreground and background. "I often disregard or alter the original light source until the final painting becomes somewhat unrecognizable. I'm happy to have a bit of disorientation in the work" he says.


2006 BFA Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

2004 University of Melbourne, Australia


2020 "Windows" Ochi Projects, Los Angeles

2019 "Lights" Untitled_1983, Geneva, Switzerland

2018 "Pictures" Holiday, Los Angeles

2009 "Street and Sky" Mina Dresden, San Francisco

2006 "Fragments" Kresge Art Center, East Lansing, MI 


2020 Inside/Outside, Circle Contemporary, Chicago, IL

2019 Untitled Art Fair, Group booth with Ochi Projects, Miami

2019 "Chains" Central Park Gallery, Los Angeles

2019 "Absolute Space" Ochi Gallery, Ketchum, Idaho

2019 "Wholly Coast" Monte Vista Projects, Los Angeles

2018 "Full House" Half Gallery LA, Los Angeles

2017 "Soft Serve" Holiday, Los Angeles

2017 "Self Reliance 2017" Nowspace, Los Angeles

2014 "Recurrence" Fridman Gallery, New York

2013 "Funny Haha" Norton Space, Los Angeles

2013 "Hot Boxes" Velvet Noir, Los Angeles

2011 "What is River of Love?" 1646 Temple Space, Los Angeles

2011 "New Work" 1646 Temple Space, Los Angeles

2010 "Anachronous Mind Tree" Bliecher Golighty Gallery, Los Angeles

2010 "Let's Get Loud" DIY Gallery, Los Angeles

2009 "Conceptual Mining" DIY Gallery, Los Angeles

2009 "Home" Phyllis Stein Art, Los Angeles

2009 "SFTS Group Show" Silver Echo Gallery, Los Angeles

2009 Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), 4-Person Group Show, Los Angeles

2008 Group Show, Spring Arts Collective Gallery, Los Angeles

2008 Artseen "A Taste of LA" Downtown Gallery Row, Los Angeles

2008 Free Arts NYC Annual Benefit Art Auction, New York

2008 Group Show, Spring Arts Collective Gallery, Los Angeles

2008 Group Show, Spring Arts Collective Gallery, Los Angeles

2008 Group Show, Spring Arts Collective Gallery, Los Angeles

2007 "Views of Pico" 16:1 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2007 "Art a la Mode" HouseSpace, Encinitas, CA

2006 "Undergrad Exhibition" Kresge Art Center, East Lansing, MI

2006 "Art Expo" Collective Space, Lansing, MI

2006 "Reaction to the 60's" Kresge Art Center, East Lansing, MI

2006 "Pewabic Influence" Lansing Capital Library, Lansing, MI 


2020 The American Scholar "Nick McPhail: Windows to the Soul" By Noelani Kirschner

2020 New American Paintings #145, Volume 24, Issue 6

2020 Art Now LA 'Nick McPhail: Windows' by Jody Zellen

2020 Booooooom 'Artist Spotlight: Nick McPhail' 

2020 KCRW â€œNick McPhail at Ochi Projects” 

2019 Art Maze Magazine "Landscapes that glow" by Layla Leiman

2019 It's Nice That "Painter Nick McPhail uses..." by Rebecca Irvin

2019 Full Blede - Issue 9: The Cleave

2019 Art Maze Magazine - Spring Issue 12 - Editorial Feature

2019 Angeleno Magazine April - Society & Culture 'LA State of Mind' by Abigail Stone

2018 Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles, 'Nick McPhail at Holiday' Review by Aaron Horst 

2017 Art and Cake, "'Self Reliance 2017' at Nowspace," Review by Sydney Walters

2014 Carets and Sticks, "One Work with Nick McPhail" Interview by Anna Breninger 

2014 'Recurrence' Exhibition catalog with essays by Georgia Horn and Luisa Aguilar Solis

2014 Two Coats of Paint, "Inspired by fiction: Recurrence at Fridman" Review by Sharon Butler

2009 San Francisco Chronicle, "Don't Miss: 'Street and Sky'" Review by Mary Eisenhart 

2009 Art Business, 'Street and Sky' review by Laura Chenault

2009 Downtown Arts Beat, Spring Arts Collective Review

2008 I Make Picture, "Featured Artist: Nick McPhail" 


2019 Untitled_1983, Geneva, Switzerland

2019 Holiday Forever Residency, Jackson, WY

2019 Ochi Gallery, Ketchum, Idaho

2018 100 West Corsicana, Corsicana, TX

2017 Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT


2019 "Power Lines" Public art installation on Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

2006 Center for Ethics, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 


2017 Artist's Grant, Vermont Studio Center

2006 Jens Plum Award, Michigan State University


2020 Artist Talk, Arts of Life, Chicago, IL

2020 Artist Talk, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles

2020 Artist Talk and gallery walk-through, Ochi Projects, Los Angeles

2017 Artist Lecture, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson VT


2018 "Full House" Half Gallery LA, Los Angeles

2018 "Student Exhibition" Navarro College, Corsicana, TX

2014 "Domestic Edge" Half Gallery LA, Los Angeles

2014 "Swim Lapse" Half Gallery LA, Los Angeles