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Thomas Lesigne is a French drawer, born in 1989. He grew up in Guadeloupe and the south of France.

He lives and works in Paris.His childhood is marked by frequent trips to the Caribbeans and Central America. The archeological sites of Tikal, in Guatemala, is a particular memory of his.Thomas spent his first career part towards the catering world. In 2010, he received his cooking Diploma from the Institut Consulaire de Formation, in Montpellier. France.

In 2012, he pursued a diploma at the Institut des Beaux-Arts of Paris, in the Philippe Cognée and Tim Eitel workshops. He graduated in 2017.

Thomas Lesigne will join UNTITLED Residency in february 2021 and will show his work at GALERIE UNTITLED alongside Karolina Orzelek in March 2021.


2020  Quelques zones sombres, Le Shakirail - Paris

2017  Landmark, Dnsap, EnsBA - Paris


2019  Chronotopia, Galerie Mondapart - Boulogne

2018  Lieu Dit, Abbaye de Léhon - Dinan 

2018  Félicità 18, Palais des Beaux-Arts - Paris

2017  Extranaturel, éL'invitation de Mark Dion, EnsBA

2016  Atelier Eitel, EnsBA - Paris

2015  Posture(s), Espace Commines - Paris

2015  La Papet’ s s'expose - Nanterre

2014  Adhésium, Palais des Etudes - Paris


2020  Résidence au sein du Shakirail - Curry Vavart - Paris

2018  Résidence aux Ateliers du Plessix-Madeuc - Dinan

2018  Bourse de Résidence COLART/SENNELIER

2017  Finaliste du prix du dessin contemporain, EnsBA - Paris