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Warner Williams was born in 1949 in Carmel, California.

Warner Williams was born in 1949 in Carmel, California. He has stood on the outside of the art world for over 30 years. Warner calls his work "post-contemporary" to indicate his intention to make a break with an art world that hasn't grown in 50 years, and that he believes is based on an old, failed ideology. Warner is providing his answer to the discontents of our current civilization by creating a consistent body of work that unites classical techniques with the liberating energies of early modernism, cubism and abstract expressionism.

Weilding his mastery of the ancient skills - color reaction, sacred geometries, and mythopoetic content, Warner has created a bright and distorted reflection of the "state" of California, our Golden State, which has now gained an extraordinary body of oil paintings, visions of the beloved mundane, created in response to California's beauties and her horrors.

Warner explains "I believe Contemporary Art is the new academy. It's 50 years old, and it is time to move on. It's based on a cynical and nihilistic ideology, and it has turned Art into a branch of Wall Street. I chose a 35,000 year-old tradition of painting as an alternative. I believe in sacred geometry, significant form, and the spirit resonance of color because I have seen them. Space, light and color reactions are used as a kind of retinal research in my work. By using multiple vanishing points I can see over many horizons. I seek the level of poetry and music in a tightly structured whole"